7 Inexpensive and Easy Living Room Staging Ideas

The Best Inexpensive and Easy Living Room Staging Ideas

Your living room is the heart of the house and the most occupied room during the day. It is where the family united, watched movies, played fun games, and made important decisions.

It means this special room needs your special attention to make it cozier, brighter, and warmer. And it is quite easy to transform the room with a little makeover and fall in love with it, all over again.

So, here I have some easy living room staging ideas that go easy on you and your wallet.

Easy Living Room Staging Ideas

Clean the coffee table

Not all living rooms have a coffee table. If you have one, keep it neat and clean.

I will suggest keeping it simple; not too many items. A small piece of a vase, a tray for remote controls, and a couple of magazines would do a wonderful job.

How you decorate the table depends on the size of the table you have. But the idea here is to keep it simple and tidy.

Make it bright

As your living room is where you sit, talk, or play, the room must have a good source of bright light.

Start with the windows – you could use light-coloured curtains to let the daylight flow in. Or use bright colours to help in keeping the room brighter even during the evening.

In addition to this, you could use bright-coloured slipcovers on sofas and carpets or rugs for the floor.

For the night, lamps and dimmers would do the job. Use a mix of bright lights and dimmers to help you sit and enjoy according to your mood.

Make walking space

Some people like to add too many items into a room. They fill every nook to please their eyes. But it does not look very good or powerful.

The idea is to make rooms simple and easy to roam around. I would suggest fewer items placed in the room blending in together to appear like one unit.

And if you own too many items and do not want to get rid of them, you could keep on replacing them from time to time. For example, during winter, use bright-coloured pieces to make the room full of energy. While during summer, replace them with light-coloured items you already own.

Applying this simple tip to every room is worth your time and effort. And it will also help a lot if you were selling your house. Homebuyers do love a staged home, but they usually prefer a spacious place to visualize better. This is also one of the best staging tips to sell your home fast.

Furniture that fits

Furniture is a big expense as compared to small items like your coffee table and decoration items. If you are redesigning your room, do not use furniture that occupies most of the room’s space.

It is also better to use two sofas rather than one huge sofa. Depending on the size, you could place a 2-seater or 3-seater sofa with a single-seater sofa on the other side of the room.

Placing a bean bag is also a good idea as it is your family room and your kids want to sit and relax.

Add mirrors

A few mirrors on the wall will brighten up your room and add more space. Use a medium-sized mirror(s) on the wall.

Add indoor plants

Be it summer or winter; indoor plants have become a must-have décor item for the home. Using the best of the space, you either place a small pot of houseplant on your coffee table, place it near the window, or put it at the corner of the room.

While some people even like big pots of houseplant, I personally prefer small to medium-sized pots. They will add nature, beauty, and energy to the room besides giving you oxygen.

Open a window

This one single tip will help you keep the room bright and fill will fresh air. However, this works best during the summer.

Even when your central cooling system is working fine, at least for a little while during the day, open a window and let the fresh air flow in.

Blending everything

With these easy living room staging ideas for your living room mentioned above, your living room needs to be neat, clean, and clutter-free all the time. These ideas will add powerful value to your room and bring out the best features.

You could also ask a professional home stager to transform your home and redesign it to make it more beautiful and energetic all the time.