About StageChic

Jihan Stage chic

StageChic is a Mississauga-based home staging company owned and managed by Jihan Moutlak. Our team is highly professional and well-equipped with the latest home staging techniques.

We have spent a lot of time understanding how the buyers decide to buy a home and found that it only takes a few seconds to make up their decision. It is all in those moments when we have to impress the buyers.

At StageChic, we follow a strong staging strategy, comprising a detailed overview of the property, reporting, discussion, planning the staging process, and practically staging the house.

StageChic’s goals are to:

  • Transform the house according to buyers’ persona.
  • Promote the house to bring more attention.
  • Make the selling process easy.
  • Sell the house quickly and at a higher price.
  • Educate clients in making homes stunning from the buyers’ perspective. 

Our objective is to bring out your house’s powerful features and convert them into the buyer’s Dream Home.

About Jihan

I am a certified professional home stager, a creative soul, and an expert in using Feng shui techniques. I love decorating things and places for the complete satisfaction of my clients.

I started StageChic with a passion for serving homeowners, realtors, and investors in selling their property for a top value.

Using the expertise and skills we own at StageChic, we transform houses into trending homes and help home sellers find the right buyer in less time.