9 Home Staging Tips for a Quick Sale

Home Staging Tips for a Quick Sale

When you plan to sell your home and get a higher price, you need to play smart. You do not want to disappoint the incoming buyers and delay the whole selling process.

To sell it fast and get a higher price, it goes without saying that you must stage your home so well that no one leaves without appreciating it.

While you may get a professional staging service, you could make a list of things you need to stage properly to sell your house fast.

For this, I have created a list of 9 simple home staging tips for a quick sale.

Simple Home Staging Tips for a Quick Sale

Curb Appeal

Imagine you are on a morning walk in a nearby park. The grass is lush green, flowers on walkways, water sprinklers coming out of the lawn, and birds chirping – sounds so refreshing!

You could do the same with the walkway at your home.

When you have decided to sell your home, and you know that people would be visiting your house, the walkway and sidings should be kept neat and clean. Add some colourful flowers and shrubs. And also, mow the lawn.

You could also plant a tree on the lawn. It would add value to the house’s price, but it is also very charming.

Keep Inside Clean

I do not have to add this tip as it is obvious to keep the home neat and clean. But for some, I had to.

Floors, doors, windows, cabinets – in short, everything must be clean. The cleaner the house, the better it would be for you to sell the house. Nobody likes a dirty place plus an untidy house reduces its value.

Style Your Dining Room

Depending on the size of the room, you can stylize it in various ways. First, do not stuff the dining table with too many items. Be it oval or rectangular, elegantly decorate the table.

For the room, you could install bright lights for a gathering and dim lights when you are enjoying the meal with your other half.

Do think of hanging some paintings (not too many to distract you from the meal), and place a few seats in the surroundings so when you have a party, people could find a place to sit.

Gender-neutral Paint

When you are selling your house, you need to make sure that painting walls with too bright or too dim colours will not do the job. Just consider giving the walls, doors, and windows a fresh coat of decent paint colours.

I like the paint better on walls than installing wallpapers. They offer an original and authentic appearance. For the wallpapers, the buyers might reject the house just because their furniture does not go with the wallpapers.

Open-up the Closets

When people visit your house to buy it, they will take a peek at every nook, even your closets. Keep them clean and well organized.

Fill each side of the closet to give an idea of how the other person could organize his/her items.

Let the House Entice Itself

That is the sole idea of home staging – attracting the buyer’s attention.

Let every part of the house invite the buyer; make it brighter, make it spacious. Make it easy for the eyes to explore the premises.

The easier it gets for eyes to roam around, the easier it would be for the buyer to get attached to the house.

Do Not Ignore the Awkward Areas

Basements and attics are not awkward rooms in a house, but people often ignore them and do not use them properly.

If your house has an attic, you could convert it into a home office or a study room.

If you have some proper space for the basement, you could convert it into a home theatre or a gaming zone.

Add a Bit of Technology

We all know technology is getting everywhere. For homes, we have some smart appliances to do some of our chores. Add some of these items.

Update Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are one of the most influencing rooms in a house. People often pay more to stylize this room than, maybe, their bedroom.

There is so much you could with bathrooms. Install lights for every purpose (e.g., makeup), a big window to get sunlight during the day time.

Do not overdo your bathroom and keep it neat, clean, and sanitize it well.