What Does it Take to Start a Home Staging Company?

A Home Staging Company Helps in Marketing, Branding, Selling Real Estate

Home staging is growing in demand in recent times. People tend to get a professional’s help to sell their house fast for a higher price.

As the demand for this service is on the rise, more businesses are entering this discipline. You could also start your home staging company. The key here is to have a certification from an accredited institute. Rest is in your hands.

To help you get started, we have compiled some requirements to start your home staging company.

What You Need to Start a Home Staging Company?


That is the basis of everything. You do not want to invest in a business you do not understand or do not foresee growth.

To start your research, first, understand the business from inside and outside. This area requires you to have a strong aesthetic sense. It is good if you have this.

Once you have understood the basics of this discipline, it is time to research the actual market. Find out answers like:

  • Are there other home staging companies in your area?
  • Are people looking for this service in your locality?
  • What are different certifications related to this skill, and who is offering those certifications?
  • Hang out with some professional home stagers and ask them more about this industry.

Other than this, you also need to know the local authorities’ requirements and the related services companies offer to their clients.

Name and Register Your Business

Once your research is done, it gets easy for you to decide if you would go with your initial decision or think otherwise.

Your second phase could be to set a name for your business and get it registered. It is easy. It requires brainstorming and filling and filing some papers.

Choose Your Market

It is always wise to start low but with a steady pace – choosing a specific market would give you an advantage.

For instance, you plan to offer home staging service only to rental units. Your clients will be low but specific. You could offer them a better service and get familiar with other related things when renting out a unit.

That would help develop strong relations with clients, and they would always consider you over other companies.

And once you have excelled here, you could either enter other markets or just keep it up with the same.

Investment Planning

It is a broader area of focus. There are quite some areas where you would be investing (and for quite a while). Investment is not just limited to renting office space and furniture; it is in every step you make towards your business.

You will be investing in:

  • Business registration,
  • Research process (initial and mid-level),
  • Renting office space,
  • Setting up the office (furniture, interior, fixtures, and more)
  • Hiring team members,

There could be more phases seeking your investment. Like you may have to buy liability insurance to avoid any disputes if you break something in your client’s home.

You may also have to rent out a storage place where you would be placing your home staging items (furniture, ornaments, etc.)

Connect with Real Estate Agents

This step is going to help you a lot in your business. Local real estate agents will be your major partner giving you not only a big chunk of clients but market insights as well.

Both of you are very connected and could help each other in growing the business.

Some house sellers would first list their homes and then find a professional home stager. On the other hand, some may stage their home first and then go to agents for listing.

In either case, both of you could get the benefit.

Be on the Web

The power of the internet is evident from the recent past. When businesses were facing a lockdown, the online community did not halt for a moment.

The online industry had a wonderful time. People had nowhere to go, and so they had to buy a service/product over the internet, and the work from home concept had also seen its boom.

Even the real estate sector made the best use of this technology.

For this, first, you must have a website. The website must showcase all your services with loud and clear images (and videos).

Then, be on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. They would help you further in marketing and branding your business.

Make sure that your online presence is aligned with your offline presence.

Final Verdict

Home staging is becoming a trend as it has proven to be in favour of both buyers/tenants and sellers. And when your client is happy, so you will be.

The key here is to be creative and a storyteller. You should be able to give an imaginary visual effect when discussing staging styles with your clients. The better you help them visualize, the better you would do a professional home stager.