5 Tips to Add a Fabulous Deck to Your Outdoor Area

out door deck

Since COVID-19 took everything in its control, more and more of us prefer staying at home, away from the outside world. And since we didn’t have much to do inside our cozy dwellings, we started improving our spaces. Deck building for our outdoor spaces is one such example.

Decks serve multiple purposes; they provide spaces to sit under the sunlight, a fantastic outdoor dine-in place, and an open area to enjoy a BBQ party with family and friends.

Deck building companies have been quite busy for some time, as many are remodelling the outdoor living areas. The only time they’re relatively unoccupied was winter. And now that winter is gone, their calendars are filled again.

Marking the rising demand of these deck-building companies (especially during the pandemic), Justin Szekely, owner and co-founder of Ace of Decks, says:

The industry has absolutely exploded, with so many customers wanting to build decks,

If you, too, plan to improve your outdoor living area by installing a new deck, here are some valuable tips from market experts. 

Tip#1 Do Your Research

Your first step to deck building must begin with generating ideas for the project. This would save you time when you actually start the project. And what better place to get deck building plans than the internet.

You should also equip yourself with some basic knowledge about “how to build a deck.” Here is a video that would help you get some basic knowledge:

Then comes learning about the materials and where to find the right one under your budget.

Information like these would help you a ton when you actually start working on your deck.


Tip#2 Finding a Deck Builder

With a vast list of deck-building agents out there, it’s imperative to reach out to the one who understands you and gives the best result under your budget.

To start your search for the right contractor, you could Google “deck-building companies near me.” The search would give you a hefty list of the required information. While many would claim to be the best and ready to take on any project, this can’t be true in most cases.

To further refine your list, read customer reviews on Google, check out their projects displayed on social media, and visit their website to know more about them.

Justin Szekely says:

With products like composite decking, each manufacturer has very specific installation techniques, and if the contractors aren’t familiar with that product, they may install it wrong and void your warranty.

Call only those to whom you trust the most and ask related questions. Tip# 1 should help you a lot here.

Tip#3 Selecting the Right Materials

If you’re unfamiliar with the materials making up your deck, the deck builders may play around with your hard-earned money. This is one of the reasons we suggested grabbing some basic knowledge about the deck building.

Since this outdoor space improving project is not taken regularly, it’s imperative to choose suitable materials at the right price. According to experts, a composite deck would cost you twice as much as treated wood. But, it has a much longer life and would last longer than the later material.

Having said that, it’s also to be noted that composite decks get warmer in the sun compared to treated wood. It means you might not enjoy sitting outside during warm days if you have a composite deck.

Advising further about the materials, Szekely says:

If the deck is being built near a pool where everyone will be barefoot, we recommend either wood or a lighter-coloured composite because a dark-coloured composite can burn your feet,

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Tip#4 Size and Budget

This is again where you should head back to tip# 1 and search for the right size and cost estimations.

It’s crystal clear that if you were to fill all the available space with the deck, it would cost you a lot more than to place the deck for four to eight persons.

Szekely suggests:

Think about whether you need space for a four- or eight-person table and if you want a couch there or lighting? These decisions will forecast how big of a deck you need, but we recommend 12-x-24 feet as the smallest size that makes sense for a multi-level deck.

Moreover, you should also check out the local authority’s guidelines when placing a deck. There could be certain limitations as defined by these authorities, and they must be followed whenever you plan to do a job like this.

Tip#5 the Deck Before Snow Returns

As the winter is departing and snow is melting, now is the perfect time to complete your deck-building project.

Outdoor projects like this are best when completed during the spring. Szekely adds:

You can build the deck anytime you want, as long as there’s no snow in the way; we start working in March, and we’re already booked until the end of May right now,

Soon the spring starts, the deck-building companies also get busy. If you haven’t hired a contractor, now is the best time to acquire them, complete the project, and enjoy the sunny days while you could.

Deckbuilding to Uplift Your Home Value

Imagine a home with dull grass or a broken deck at the back of the home – could you imagine selling it for a high bid? The answer would be a big ‘NO’. No one would prefer a home with broken pieces. At least no one would pay a high price for such a place.

Similar is the case with revamping the inside of your house. The better it’s presented to a seller, the better offer you could expect. That’s where StageChic comes in. Our goal is to transform your house into a dwelling full of beauty, colours, and life – the one everyone dreams of!